Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Where have I Been?

So I have not blogged in about... forever!

So today I thought I'm going to get back at it. I need to do this to get things back on track and well I miss sharing everything! So here goes...

Life has been busy none the less and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Over the summer we went camping and visited the Amish part of Ohio. We also spent some time in Kentucky visiting family.

Fall came and so did the kids starting school. That made for some busy times and hard decisions on hubby and I's part. Our middle daughter was having some problems at school and the teachers and I where not seeing eye to eye on alot. One day while picking my daughter up from school the teacher and I basically had a screaming match in the office. I also learned my daughter was getting picked on and laughed at and NO child deserves this! So together my hubby and I decided to pull her and I now homeschool her. The other 2 are still in school. My oldest is still in a special program for children with learning disabilities and attends a school, other than out local school district. Our youngest still goes to public school but she does well and has no problems. Its hard to believe I am the mother of a 7th, 6th, and 4th grader! Which also means I am the mother of a teenager! Someone please fill me in on where time went!

So that brings me to today... (well in a nutshell) Hoping to be more regular about posting as I have also been busy redoing, painting and well still thrift shopping!

Maybe if I'm lucky I will get the cabinet I bought a few weeks back at the Restore painted and I can come back and share! (waiting for the driveway to dry a little from last nights rain and I am going to get started)

Hope everyone has a blessed day! Leslie

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