Thursday, January 12, 2012

$10 Cabinet Redo

Ok I know I posted some time ago about my cabinet I was going to redo. I have had it done for quiet sometime but its amazing how life gets in the way! Things are WAY more important so posting this got pushed aside.

So I was going to paint the whole thing black and then distress it some. Well it didn't turn out that way because I sanded it and though I got it good enough (it was that awful 1970 gloss) but I didn't and the black paint started to bubble and do some wonky streaking thing. While painting it black my sweet daughter who was trying to help also created some messes for me to clean up too. I know she was just trying to help...

Yup thats black paint all over my flower garden. Mind you I was also trying to beat some rain we had coming in! So after that and my black paint not working I had to decide on what to do. I thought about scraping the thing all together but then decided I couldn't do that! So I got out some barn red paint I had for something else and tried a few different techniques before I found one that looked right. I must say this cabinet was a definite learning experience!

Here she stands today in our bathroom. Right where we wanted her. I needed the extra storage for all the things I have been getting while couponing!

I also replaced the handles because it had the shiny 1970 silver handles. I found these black ones at Menards on sale for less than $1 each.

So there ya go! When you can make somrthing go from this
to this
is a good thing!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!